Should have posted this last week. From a school visit in Texas: the first (and only) time I ever signed an iphone…

I rarely use this to just blog. I’m going to just blog now, so you can all just ignore this if it’s not to your liking.Warning. Contents under pressure.So, I saw that bullshit piece of shit “joke” t-shirt that managed to insult not only women, not…

"You want something to be your thing, make a club, build a tree-fort, and do us a favor. Don’t come down."

"“earth” is a big idea. People start to think it’s too big, too ambitious, and they give up. And once you’ve given up on something, the easiest way to assuage that nagging feeling of guilt you’ve got is to beat up the people who haven’t given up."

My annual “Don’t Call It Earth Day” post.


Alexander Huls:

Blur your eyes, and they might have all been the same tedious, manipulative movie. I felt nothing watching these characters disappear off-screen, hurtling toward whatever lies beyond. I’m no sociopath. The problem is that death at the movies has died. The movie industry has corrupted one of cinema’s — if not all of fiction’s — most emotionally taxing moments into hollow formula, the kind of thing that passes in the blink of a plot point leading to a literal, if not figurative, explosive finale that takes up half the budget. Considering this, it’s odd that death’s killer is the new, risk-averse economic logic of Hollywood.

Hard to argue given the plots of so many movies these days — naturally, many based on comics. Hollywood has conquered death — and cheapened it in the process.

*cough* Paging Sir Arthur Conan Doyle…

"Ignorance is a near-perfect breeding ground for fear, anger, and resentment."
— Just sayin’.
"Medicine cabinets are dangerous. They’ll just spring on you like a ninja."

It’s World Hemophilia Day, so I figured I would post one of my favorite Howie lines from I Hunt Killers!

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Thanks, Georgia!

"this more adult prequel to the Young Adult series I Hunt Killers explores the unglamorous world of those who spend their lives trying to protect the innocent, and the effect on a close-knit town when a killer threatens the safety of their most vulnerable."

20+ years later and schools STILL use the same pencil sharpeners as when I was a kid! #livinginthefuturemyass

At Maine South High in Chicago! At Maine South High in Chicago! At Maine South High in Chicago!

At Maine South High in Chicago!