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The Fourth I Hunt Killers Book

I Hunt Killers Game lyga_bloodofmyblood_hc Blood of My BloodApologies for the potentially misleading title of this post. Let me state right up front: There is no fourth I Hunt Killers book.

But there could have been.

I figure now that Blood of My Blood has been out for a couple of weeks, I might as well go ahead and tell the story of what-might-have-been. If you’re interested in behind-the-scenes nitty-gritty, you may find this interesting.

Oh, and of…

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QuestionBlood of My Blood was amazing and I was just wow. That was just awesome. I had a weird suspicion of who Ugly J was before starting the book, but you almost had me fooled on the red herring.... almost. But of course, I couldn't have guessed how disturbing everything would be. It was disturbing. Very disturbing. Answer

It was the “very disturbing” that was the REAL surprise, not merely the identity of Ugly J. :) Glad it worked on you!

QuestionHi there Mr. Lyga! I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your books, especially a I Hunt Killers. I was actually able to get my book club in high school to read it as our first book of the starting year! I just wanted to share my small accomplishment with you. I hope you have a lovely day and I cannot wait to read more from you! -Daria Answer

Cool! Thanks for letting me know!


Just a few #YA new releases to hit shelves this week…


I finally finished Blood of My Blood…and 




Even I couldn’t have imagined that ending…holy shit. Barry Lyga, you are a genius.


I haven’t read BomB yet but I have this headcanon that once it’s all over both Connie and Jazz have major night terrors and often wake up in the middle of the night and Howie ends up waking up too (he’s actually a light sleeper) and Jazz makes amazing hot chocolate and Howie is a master blanket…



"It’s the only thing he wants from me. And I have to give it to him."

- Barry Lyga, Blood of My Blood

OK, that’s just cool.

My Absolute Favorite Reaction to Blood of My Blood So Far

If you’ve never seen Patton, here’s your reference: